Do you Need a Goal or Vision for Success

Having a good goal or goals gives you something to aim for, a direction to go in. It gives your life structure and purpose that would otherwise be missing.

How can you get to where you want to be, if you don’t know where that is? Thus, one of the most important aspects of creating the right mindset, is to identify the goals that you hope to achieve.

So you want and need to know how to set out your goals, or do you? The right question to ask is, do you need a goal or vision for success?

Can A Goal be Bad?

Yes, if it is vague because goals need to be clearly defined. Also it’s not good to have one that is more like castles in the air, more of a dream that is out of reach.

We often told that having goals and regularly visualising them will help us to achieve success. But have actually the science says otherwise. It seems that goals that are not clearly defined can actually hinder our success.

The problem is that we end up dreaming about what we want and visualising it but don’t actually go after it!
In fact, it might be that having a goal to visualize is what prevents us from feeling the need to take action. Surprisingly one study found that talking about a goal seemed to make you less likely to achieve it. Fancy losing some weight?

Keep it to yourself. keep quiet. Do you Need a Goal or Vision for Success

The reason for this is because: once you’ve told someone your goal, you already feel ‘ownership’ of it. You already feel as though it is a part of who you are, so therefore, why bother to make the effort.

It may well be that visualising a goal or a dream does the very same thing. Picturing ourselves as wealthy seems to remove any incentive to take action. Our brain thinks we’re already there!

In your life, work doesn’t make you free. Just like it didn’t back then. If you want to be free, you need to change your approach and take action.

How to Take Action

So how exactly do we go about taking action? I think you probably know the answer already, youi need to make a plan.

The goal is where you want to be, the plan sets out the steps you need to take to reach the goal.

Then what you need more than a goal is a vision. A vision will inspire you, it gives you the motivation and the drive and is what gets you up in the morning. But a vision is hard to quantify and it can be difficult to know precisely how you actually bring that vision into reality..
That’s where the plan comes in.

The plan is what bridges the gap between where you are right now and where you want to be. And the very best plans are small, they are measurable and they are directly within your control. The best plan will have small steps that are the stepping stones on the way to your vision or biggest goal.

Do you need a Goal or Vision for Success?Goals ideas vision success

So, now the goal has become the vision. That future you dream of is your vision. It may be the job you always wanted, the family, the home/car or even to be a smaller size.

Often we are told to ‘go after our dreams’ or ‘follow our dreams’ but it’s not always that easy or practical. What if you don’t particularly like your job? You aren’t going to envision that future with the present job as a part of it, or at least only a small part of it. Neither are you going to abandon it to see what happens.

Some aren’t career focused so they don’t see themselves with a high flying career. Still others, might not want to limit themselves to just one dream.

What if you don’t really know what you want? Maybe you just want a better life than you have. If that is the case then simply close your eyes for a few moments and imagine yourself in your perfect life.


So you imagine that perfect future, say, 10 years ahead. What are you doing, where do you live, what sort of life do you have? Are you at home, sitting on a beach or travelling somewhere.

Whatever you see, how does it make you feel?

If you are having difficulty seeing that perfect future then ask yourself a few questions. When were you last really happy and what were you doing? When you were young what did you want to be when you grew up, what sort of life did you dream of then?

Consider the people in your life then and now. Who did you want to be most like in the past and now? What was that something special you wanted to be or do that was squashed out of you by practicality?

Answer those questions and any others you can think of then try again for a vision of some sort.

A simple picture is all you need to start. Then you look at that picture and see how it makes you feel. It’s important to do that because you don’t want to chase someone else’s idea of a dream life.

Follow YOUR dream!Follow your dreams

Sometimes we are told, by teachers, parents, or other family members that a good career is important, that earning lots of money is very important but it’s not always so. They might steer you in a direction that won’t make you happy.

If that high flying career means long hours away from your family and friends, leaving you exhausted and miserable, then it’s probably not YOUR dream you are pursuing. Nowadays, more and more people are more focused on what makes them happy, doing work they love and having time for other things that they feel are important.

Nowadays with the world situation, many people dream of working from home, often for themselves. Either as a business or finding work online, working for someone else, that they enjoy.

Jobs You can do from Home

Success Follows

Once you are doing work you enjoy, it makes you happy. Being happy seems to bring other good things into your life. It’s what I call being in that magical flow. Some call it a flow state and some call it by other names but essentially it is the same.

Your life flows well in this state, while you are happy you continue to find that life brings all you need and more. Doors open, good things appear, the right person to help you comes along all while in this flow state.

The happier you are the less likely you are to fail, mainly because it can be shrugged off and a different way found that works.

This is ultimately success! Having all you need and more and loving your entire life, rather than just parts of it. That is what most people aim for, even if they don’t realise it.

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