5 Jobs that you can Work from Home

 If you’re staying in a day job that you absolutely hate and you’re dreaming about one day having a job that you can work at home, you have come to the right place. Here we will look at 5 jobs that you can work from home. I am keeping it a small amount because too many choices can be overwhelming and too long a post can make you lose interest and wander off.

Why Online working is Important

In today’s world it’s a good idea to even have part time work you can do from home, especially if the day job means you have to be there otherwise you don’t get paid. Most governments have helped to keep people going but it doesn’t last for ever. Many have come out of lockdown to find they no longer have a job. Even big companies are going under in the current climate because they have lost so much money and still have overheads top pay.

No job, boredom and lets not forget a Pandemic are all very powerful motivations to work online from home.

Many countries are now seeing a third wave of infection with areas being shut down quickly to stop the spread of the virus. Who knows how many more waves there might be. Or even different viruses in the future. So it’s a good idea to future proof your job and earnings if possible.

I am not trying to scare you, I am being practical.

Practical tips for working from Home

 5 Jobs that you can work from home

Virtual Assistantvirtual assistant 5 Jobs that you can Work from Home

Virtual assistants can do a lot of different things, specifically all those small things that are vital but take up a lot of valuable time when you are running a business.

Possible Duties:

  • Reply to emails and take phone calls
  • Book travel and accommodation if necessary
  • Manage a contacts list
  • Prepare customer spreadsheets and keep online records
  • Organise calendars and schedule meetings
  • Create presentations, as assigned
  • Provide customer service as first point of contact

You will need organisational, communication and time management skills, a working knowledge of the latest technologies such as desktop sharing, cloud services, online calendars, scheduling, email, instant messaging, word processing and spreadsheets etc. Many people use most of these every day to organise their own lives without even thinking about it much.

Just Google Virtual Assistant jobs to find who is hiring.


Work for yourself

There are many new Virtual Assistant companies springing up now. I suspect now you will think the market must be getting saturated?

No, not at all. So many companies, big and small, have moved online and are saving on costs. Why pay full time employees when you can hire a Virtual Assistant to do the same work in less time. The very fact that so many are springing is proof that the demand is there.

There have been a huge amount of new business start ups online too since the Pandemic started. Many new businesses reach a point of needing to outsource mundane duties to free the entrepreneur to do what he/she does best.

Social Media Planner

Next up is the social media planner who focuses on getting Facebook, Instagram posts and Instagram stories up, Pinterest Pins scheduled and is focused generally on social media.social media planner

It’s checking that posting is consistent. Looking at the traffic from social media and ensuring the content is driving enough traffic to the website and opt-in page.

The social media planner will either use content supplied or write it, find the imagery to use, create the pins, the posts and then she’s schedule it all.

As you can see, nowadays, taking care of a business’s social media is a job in itself. Payment will vary depending upon your skills and whether you are working for yourself or hired through a company.

There are many online courses available, free and paid to help people negotiate social media if you want to increase your marketable skills.

Working For Yourself

One good way to prove your worth is to set up new accounts with the intent of growing them and direct them to a website of your own. Keep a track of the amount time it takes you to create posts and pins etc and then schedule them.

It’s a good idea to also make a note of how long it takes to set up all the separate accounts from the start to getting them up and running. It’s another marketable skill to have on your resume.

I did this with a new twitter account, so it is possible to grow them quite quickly. I documented it to show others that with a little work done daily an account can grow. Mine did. By spending 15-20 minutes on it each morning I grew it to over 500 followers in just over 7 weeks. The more it grows the easier it becomes to gain more followers, which works for most social media.

This type of thing can easily be worked on alongside a day job until it earns as much or more than your job.

Podcast editing

It’s amazing what you find when you start researching online jobs.

Apparently, this is a growing market now. It has been around for quite a long while but is now becoming more of a ‘thing’ as they say.

More and more people seem to be jumping on this particular bandwagon, especially if they have been listening to them themselves for some time.

The main thing here is that there is a market for editing the podcasts as they just want to do the talking bit without having to edit, then upload and post the episode.

Again there are courses out there that teach you how to do this, but this is one of the easier things to edit. You will just need some kind of sound-editing program like Garage Band on Mac and then you can start editing these podcasts. It can be done anytime, evening once the children have gone to bed or when they are at school etc.

This is a huge and growing segment of the market that so many people are in need of right now.

You could also add additional things onto the packaging like maybe social media templates to go with it, uploading it, show notes, whatever kind of package or packages you want to create to make it more valuable to a potential client.

Online surveys

This has been around for a while. It makes sense to do some research first as like anything online there are possible scams about.online surveys

You won’t get rich filling out surveys, questionnaires or watching videos but can make some extra cash each month.

How much depends upon your eligibility and how many surveys you actually participate in. Signing up on the survey taking websites is actually quite easy and is something you can do quickly

From the research that I did online, the best ones to sign up for are Survey Junkie and Sawbucks. However, things change rapidly online so do your homework first.

Remember, it’s not full time money but will make you a bit extra.

Testing apps and websites

Yes, apparently that’s something you can actually sign up to do. Who knew?

Although having several websites myself it didn’t occur to me that this was a job, it does make sense to get it independently tested every so often. It can be very useful to the website owner to have a knowledgeable person critique their website.

From jobhero.com

  • Website testers are primarily responsible for testing and monitoring websites and web applications on multiple desktops, laptops, and mobile devices by applying quality-assurance methods. They must be detail-oriented, possess programming skills, and have a commitment to accuracy. Because they are tasked with increasing user satisfaction, they must ensure that the final product meets client expectations. Website testers may work on limited-time projects as a contractor, or they may find full-time permanent work with an employer.
  • Website testers have certain universal core tasks they are responsible for within their position

Check out the website if you want to know more. There are other companies too so do your homework.

From ubertesters.com

  • Become an Ubertester, earn money, and test pre-released amazing mobile apps and exciting games from the leading mobile developers around the world, and all in your spare time.
  • All you need is a tablet or smartphone, some previous experience in QA, and some free time to do the testing.

Just click on the name if you want to know more. If you fancy doing that it’s worth doing your research first so you get a company you are happy with.

There are new apps coming out all the time, so independent testing in advance is very useful for the developer and it looks like it could be fun.

What do you think?

Will this encourage you to get a job online or explore the different options more? Or do you think you would like to start a business and be your own boss, rather than working for someone else?

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